More details about MudRunner 2 mods

Date September 23, 2019 10:16 am

On this article, we share more details about MudRunner 2 mods and game. Like, you know from previous article MudRunner 2 will introduce huge improvements and new features.

One of the most important new features is terrain deformation. All tires will tear terrain and make harder to drive vehicle. Mud and water will reduce your truck stability. Also, you will able to lose your vehicle if you will be stuck in forests or water. For a better experience try to download MudRunner 2 mods, like realistic tire brands or textures pack. Terrain deformation planned to be very realistic and real-time changeable.

Like on previous MudRunner version in the new game also trees will help to unstuck vehicle. You will able to hook yourself with a cable to the tree and use puller from the car. If your car is loaded with heavy cargo it will be much more difficult then empty car. Your vehicle will have different physics then it is loaded. Also, is matter what you transporting. For example, if you will transport bricks, your car will be very heavy and easy to stuck in the mud.

Default map will be 5 times larger than MudRunner. So, it is very enjoyable new! Different terrain types, more forests and various “roads” will give you challenges even if you are a professional driver. Also, you will able to drive to Alaska and try snow or ice challenges.

If you disappointed, that your favorite feature not included in default game, do not get upset. We will offer a lot of MudRunner 2 mods for free. So it’s guaranteed new features in the future, after the game release date.

On the next article, we will introduce SnowRunner game.

MudRunner 2 – what to expect?

Date September 15, 2019 12:02 pm

Most of the off-road gaming fans are waiting for the MudRunner 2 release. MudRunner 2 has been confirmed to launch in 2019. In this article, we will provide some details about the upcoming game. Also, we have three screenshots, which you can see below.

MudRunner 2 screenshot.
MudRunner 2 screenshot.
MudRunner screenshot 2.

From these images, we can see incredibly detailed graphics. Realistic shadows, reflections, road physics (visual), fog in the distance. The introduced truck is White Western Star. It is an old American truck company founded in 1967. So, likely game creators will include more classic, old trucks and cars in the new version of MudRunner.

DailyStar confirmed that new version maps will be more detailed with more mud and water. Due to is guaranteed new experience in every map. Also, Wccftech reports about new cockpit views with more detailed interiors, which we missed in previous MudRunner or Spintires games. Map will be more than 25 times larger than old game maps, so it’s very incredible! One of the most important new thing when we talking about map is Alaska. Game creators will include map which reflects Alaska off-road. In Spintires was only Alaska map mod, now instead of MudRuner 2 mods players will enjoy this map in the default game. Because Alaska is a cold country, of course, will be snow! New terrain type like snow will make game more difficult. Then you will be bored with default maps, you always can download MudRunner 2 mods, for example, new map.

In this article, we mentioned the White Western Star brand. But it is not only one new brand. Creators reported about licensed manufacturers, like Gaz, Ford, Caterpillar. So, it’s a great variety of various countries truck brands.

Do you like truck tuning or customization, like Euro Truck Simulator 2? Then you will be happy because MudRunner 2 will offer vehicles customization with purchasable add-ons.

It’s all today about MudRunner 2 mods and this game features. In the next article, we will share more details.